Is TrueCaller app safe to use? You must read if you are using it.

When TrueCaller was released back on 23 September 2009 for Android OS, it was hugely appreciated and reached 250 million users worldwide as of January 2017. But as soon user got to know that the way truecaller works it violates privacy then the question comes; Is Truecaller app safe to use? Is it safe to install TrueCaller on your phone? How safe is TrueCaller?

Let’s go through how TrueCaller works and what’s their privacy policy says. I am sure you will come to know the facts and decide for yourself what you should do.

How Truecaller works?

  • Scan your saved contact number and save the details to their server.
  • Truecaller takes your saved number along with the name.
  • It is integrated with Social Media which is utilized to keep birthdays and pictures up-to-date.
  • Truecaller uses crowdsourced data to get the information whose data not available on their server.

Also, you will be in shock to know that truecaller database is not encrypted and it was hacked by ISIS hackers.

Syrian Electronic Army posted a tweet back then on 17 July’13, saying they have hacked TrueCaller’s database. They even posted few samples on the twitter to prove it. Is this not enough to convince you to stop using it, then read below more.

In November last year, the Ministry of Defence in India has issued an advisory for its personnel to uninstall TrueCaller app immediately.

TrueCaller’s privacy policy

Moreover, TrueCaller’s privacy policy also not good if you read thoroughly, it says they may use contact information for their own business.

It says, provides information to third parties (such as advertising networks) to serve special offers and promotions to us. It may provide your availability status to other users. Read privacy policy for more details here.

Does it sound okay to you? If you don’t mind they share your personal data, then go ahead and install or continue using it. But if not, then you have to uninstall ASAP. The danger part is that even if you uninstall their app from your phone or you never installed one, your number might have already shared from your friend’s contact list.

We’ll share you more information later how you can delete your number from TrueCaller’s database.

Truecaller app has many cool features which attract us, it has features like.

  • You can do a complete free reverse number lookup.
  • You can sync person’s missing information like address, pictures from truecaller database.
  • You can block spam calls.
  • You can find contact details of any person.
  • TrueCaller mobile app is available for almost all the OS.
  • TrueCaller web is also available online.

Is TrueCaller app safe to use?

No. We do not recommend it. As we have already mentioned above that it share your personal data with an advertising agency, it is hacked by ISIS and advisory from the Ministry of Defence in India.

Did you come to conclusion whether you should continue to use TrueCaller? Tell us in below comment box. Share this with your friends if they are using it.

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