Get The Most Out Of Google Maps

Google maps are one of the leading free navigation applications options for smartphones. Its features help android users across the globe to map out destinations and even make their daily commute a little bit easier. However, chances are you have not explored this application’s maximum potential. This read will help you discover some of the best tips and tricks to help you use Google Maps to its highest potential and to get the most out of Google maps.

Here are the most effective tips to use google map application.

1. Offline Navigation Maps

Google Maps acknowledges the fact that you might want to access it in an internet-restricted area or when the mobile data is low. Thus, it offers an offline mode that allows the user to save the map for offline use. This is done in two ways. Firstly, you could search for your destination and then select the menu icon. The menu icon is on the top-right corner of the application. You will locate and select the “save offline map” option. Alternatively, you could search for your destination and zoom to a more convenient level. Then proceed to type “OK Maps” on the search tool. This will automatically save your map. You could speak the same words into the Google App Microphone, which is located in the search field too.

2. The faster launch of navigation mode

Arrive faster at the navigation mode by long pressing the blue transportation icon. This icon is located on the bottom left corner of the application. It will help ease your navigation by offering you default options such as navigation as a bicycle, train, or even as a person.

3. One-hand zoom option

Google Maps recognizes that your other hands might be preoccupied as you use it, thus it offers this option. Aside from the normal pinching option that requires either you to use one-hand or to place your phone on a flat surface, this option allows the use rot double-tap the screen. In addition to this, you could adjust the level of the zoom by holding down the screen after the second tap.

4. Arrive home with one tap

If you ever get stranded anywhere, Google offers you a chance to locate your home with a simple tap using the “Directions” widget on your shortcuts. Simply long press an ideal part of your screen to access the widgets section. Under the “Map entries”, choose the one named “Directions”. You will be directed to select a mode of transport and address and route options. Name the destination ”Home” and the process is complete. This option will help you find our way back home from anywhere through walking, public transport, uber, or driving.

5. Find ATMs option

Locating an ATM machine is one of the toughest things to do. This option allows the user to find ATM machines within their location. Simply click the ATM option that is visible by clicking the search bar. Google Maps will proceed to locate all the ATM machines near you. In addition to this, you could follow the same steps when you want to locate the following services within your location: car wash, pharmacy, grocery store, and gas stations, among other businesses.

6. Saving destinations for later use

Next time you attend an amazing place, you could save it for later remembrance and use on Google Maps. Simply, search for the place on the map and click “Save” on the business information details of the area. This on the “Your Places” section that is visible from the Menu of the map.

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