Have you ever locked your phone because of providing the wrong security pattern or password?

Or are you aware of available options to unlock android phone password?

If you have been in this situation before, you might be aware of the fact that searching for an option on the internet is futile. The available solutions cut across very few android phone brands, making it harder for the rest of the brands to solve their issues.

The first step to protect your data for the long term by downloading “File Managing” applications that will help you backup your data to either your SD card or your cloud server. This will prevent any data loss as you try to recover your passwords. Alternatively, you could synchronize your phone with Dropbox or the Google server. This will make the password retrieval process easier.

Here are the solutions to recovering your Android password.

1. Use your Google account

This method is the easiest and most convenient because it does not require an internet connection and it is not exclusive to a particular phone brand. When you forget your pattern or password, your Gmail account becomes very handy. At the bottom of your password entry bar, click the “Forgot Pattern” option. This will direct you to your Google account entry bar. Simply, enter your email details and sign into your account. This will automatically unlock your device. Then proceed, to reset your phone password.

2. Hard reset option

Unlike the previous reset option, this one is only exclusive to a few of the android phones and some Chinese smartphones. This option will help you access the recovery menu that will restore all the default settings of your phone, thus removing your initially set password.

Start by switching off your phone, and then proceed to simultaneously press the volume up and power buttons. Only release the two buttons when the phone boots to the “recovery menu”. These holding buttons vary with respect to the device. The volume button will help you maneuver through the options to the “wipe data” option. The “Menu” button will select the option. The “Reboot Now” option will restore the factory settings of your device. After this, you can now restart your phone and reset your password and all other previous settings. You could retrieve your data from your backed up sources.


3. Key combination alternative

Just in case, the key combination in the previous option does not fit your device brand, then this might. Switch off your phone and simultaneously click on the “Home” button and the volume-up button. As you hold the two keys, click on the “Power” button. Do this until your device vibrates and the logo of your device appears on the screen. Use the volume-down button to navigate the available option to the “Wipe data” option or the “Factory Reset” option. The power button will approve your selection. Proceed by restarting your phone and reset your password and all other previous settings. You could retrieve your data from your backed up sources.

Eventually, even if you have not come under such situation but knowing these options will help you to act instantly or maybe to help someone needy.