Top Android Phone Tips You Should Know

Android phones are quite customizable and versatile. They have numerous features and tools that are available in their settings. This guide of “Top Android Phone Tips you should know” will help you maneuver through some of the most interesting tricks and tips available for android phone users.

Take note that the term “Android” is collective, meaning that it caters to the phone of varying models, makes, and versions. Thus, some of the following tricks and tips may not be exclusive to your model. However, they are quite general.

We list out here top android phone tips and tricks.

1. Android casting

This entails broadcasting your phone screen onto a larger screen. This comes in handy when you want to watch a movie or access television application. This mirror shortcut is in the “Quick Settings Pane”. This pane is accessible from the screen top. The menu should have a “Cast” option. Alternatively, if you have the Google Home application, you could open it and select “Cast screen” on the menu. Then proceed to select your Chromecast.

2. Split screen

If you need to work two applications side-by-side, you have the option of splitting the screen to maximize your use. However, this option is not advisable for games as it makes them lag behind.

Select the “Overview” button, which is a square icon normally present below the screen. This will show you all the opened applications at the time. Proceed by clicking and holding the title bar of the application and dragging it to a preferred position. Then select another window and do the same. To switch between the applications, you should double click the overview button.

You can split the screen horizontally and vertically both however this varies from the application because few app doesn’t support it. The example at right image shows Google map at top and Google chrome at the bottom.


3. Visibility of texts and images

Instead of squinting as you look through texts or image, you have the option of altering the size of your images and texts. You could do this by zooming in or out. However, this option is not available to all the android application but it is to most of them. You could pinch or reverse-pinch the screen to alter the size. Alternatively, you could access the font size link from the “Display” menu.

4. Android volume settings

Android devices allow you to alter the volume of different tones at the same time. This is different from the conventional single volume change that affected all the tones on the phone generally. The “Sounds” option on settings allows you to alter different tones independently. The tones include media, alarm, phone calls, notifications, and ringtones. Some android phones provide this option by simply pressing either of the volume buttons.

In latest android version, press UP or Down volume key, observe that down arrow sign at the right side, if you click at it you will have more volume setting option as shown in the left image.

5. Screen pinning

This feature allows you to lend your phone to friends and family without having to constantly worry about them prying through your personal information. Pinning involves pinning an application to the screen and preventing any screen changes by asking for a security code. Access the “Security” option under settings and enable the “Screen Pinning” option. Then select the app that you want to run and the “Overview” button, where you will see a pin icon. This will pin the application to the screen.

Screen pinning is a very useful feature in the following condition.

  • If you are giving your phone to someone to just make a call and you want to secure your personal information.
  • Your kids ask your phone to play games and you don’t want them to accidentally delete any files or images.

Here are the steps to activate screen pinning feature.

  1. Go to Setting > Security
  2. Find Screen pinning option at bottom
  3. Switch it on
  4. Open the screen you want to pin
  5. Go to Tab overview
  6. Swipe up and tap the pin icon
  7. To unpin – Touch and hold back

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