What to check when buying a new phone – Smartphone buying guide

What is the best feature in smartphone you like most? Follow this smartphone buying guide which might help you with what to check when buying a new phone.

Is it the camera quality which attracts you most or battery performance or awesome sound quality? What cool feature you would like to show your friends on your device?

Okay, if you can answer such questions, you are on right track.

Phones used to cost only a couple of thousand rupees for the most high-tech devices. Now, you end up shelling out as much as Rs.10000. With the cost being so high you should make sure that you are getting the right phone.

This guide is designed to help make the decision of what phone to buy easier.

Android Vs. iPhone

iPhone devices are known for being extremely easy to use. They run on an operating system that has remained similar to its origins and is recognizable. The design is meant to be familiar across their platforms and easily syncs with other Apple products.

Android, on the other hand, has a lot of variety. From the stock OS that is more dynamic to custom versions of the OS developed by manufacturers. Being an open source system it has more power behind it and gives developers far more freedom. There are far more Android devices out there at a variety of price ranges.

Camera Quality

Device cameras have made it a long way from grainy photos to quality that rivals digital cameras. Most recently, the best camera phones use dual camera systems to improve the quality. With two lenses, the camera is able to capture more detail. A standard megapixel rating for a back camera is around 12 MP while a front-facing camera hovers between 7 and 8.

Here’s an extra tip, go beyond the megapixel and look at the maker of the lens. Most smartphones use the lens from top camera manufacturers. Make a camera based decision on this info, not the megapixels.

Processor Power and RAM

In most modern phones the processor is more than enough to handle what the phone does. Just about any phone, you select will have enough power. If you do a lot of phone-based gaming you might want to look for the top of the line processor but other than that you will be fine with your choice. The Snapdragon 835 is the go-to phone processor as of November 2017.

RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is what allows your phone to do more than one thing at a time. Even if you don’t see your phone running apps, it always is. A good example of that is the phone apps and processes that run in the background in order to be able to send and receive calls. Having enough RAM helps your phone to be able to continue running your phone.

Expanded amount of RAM will also help to keep your phone running when updates come out. The older your phone gets, the more demands there are for the phone’s time. Most modern phones have 4 GB of RAM or higher. Some get up to 8 GB, the equivalent of a low to the mid-end computer.


Being able to have all of your photos, videos, and music offline is important for a lot of phone owners. Flagship phones start at 64 GB of storage, which is enough for a fair amount of data. Apple phones come with a limited amount of storage and you can’t upgrade that storage. Many Android devices can have their storage upgraded with a Micro SD card. With one of these cards, you can add up to 1 TB of storage. That will be more than enough for any phone user.

As long as your phone is upgradable, the base amount of storage that a phone comes with should be enough.

Screen Size

Two major phone sizes exist the 5-5 inch phone and the 6-7 inch phone. Choosing between the two sizes can make a big difference. A 5-5 inch phone is the best for those who want a handheld device, one that can easily be operated with one hand. Anything bigger than that is jokingly referred to as a phablet, a mix between a phone and tablet. A phablet is harder to fit in your pocket but is often better for watching movies and for those with vision problems.

Battery Performance

Are you a gaming gig or frequent traveler?

If yes, then we suggest you get the best battery performance smartphones if you play video games a lot because these high-end games take a lot more of the battery. Although, it goes with the traveler as well because you can’t carry a power bank always with you.

Smartphone maker knows it very well and therefore they have come with much such battery performance focused phones. These are the recent phones which got a good review by the experts specifically for battery performance; Moto Z Play, Lenovo P2, Xiaomi Redmi 3s.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to choose a smartphone that you want. There are a lot of options out there and the most important thing to do is to try devices. Go out there and get hands-on with a variety of devices. Let us know in the comments what device you bought.

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